Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I have a cheeky blog crush

I have another blog crush, it happens to me quite bit a bit actually. It starts out as a casual appreciation but slowly develops into a rabid devouring of everything the blogger writes. It usually only lasts until they start blogging about their bowels but i fear this time the crush might be here to stay.

So the object of my blog fixation... Guffadi*. Bloggers from Nepal, particularly from Kathmandu, probably know the blog. It is usually based on Nepali politics but sometimes strays into general Nepali culture. At first i was turned off by the heavy use of Nepali language. I am a big fan of the Nepali language but often didn't get the jokes because i couldn't understand the punch lines.

Another blogger, who probably wants to remain nameless, told me to stick with it. Now that i am starting to understand Nepali and most of the cultural references I am loving it. It is like my own little cryptic blogging mystery. Sometimes I have to call Mero Budda and ask him what a word means or who someone is but it is worth it. 

The other day I was looking at my stats and i noticed a sudden increase in the amount of traffic i was getting. Then i noticed all that traffic was coming from Guffadi. So now i have two reasons to like him; the guy is entertaining and he has good enough taste to put me in his blogroll.  

I also noticed i am getting traffic from people looking for "badar sister sex photos", i have no idea what that even means but disappointingly this is not that kind of blog. I guess while i'm on the topic, lots of traffic from Belgium. Never been there or blogged about the place but a big howdy to whom ever it is reading me from there!

* Note yes i am aware it is uncool to admit that i have a blog crush on someone but as it is more of a admiration of writing skill then an actual crush i think it's ok. And hey it is probably uncool to write a blog anyway so what does it matter. Also i am completely confident the guy doesn't actually read my blog.


  1. I am in love with Guffadi!! Seriously.

  2. @ Guffadi: Well it is a little bit too late to try play it cool now so AHHHHHHHH Wow those four words made my day!

    @ She thinks to herself: I am so glad i'm not alone... though i have a feeling you of you Nepali bloggers actually know each other and work in the same newspapers so that is kind of cheating!

  3. i was gonna say half of kathmandu has a crush on guffadi....and, also that he's in lurve himself. did you see his july 4 post?! seems like everyone's in love. AWWWWW