Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

It has been going on for a few weeks now, protests which started in Manhattan have spread to Boston, Chicago and LA. In Manhattan protesters have set up a makeshift camp in a park and are threatening to stay all winter. Hundreds have been arrested in the demonstrations and police have been criticized for their use of violence and capsicum spray.

There is some confusion what the protests are actually calling for. A range of issues are being highlighted, such as: an end to corporate greed, unemployment, the war and bank bail outs.

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Power to the people. I love a good protest, even if it seems some what disorganized, leaderless and lacking in any real objectives. I've always want to take to the streets, shouting slogans, waving placards. I've just never had anything to really believe in or an angry mob to back me up. 

And sadly i was born in a country where it seems the only thing we care enough about to gather in the streets about is beating up foreigners (if you don't know about the Cronulla riots don't worry it was just a very low point in Australia's history which brings much embarrassment to sane and respectable Australians).

In Nepal people take to the streets so often it has actually lost all meaning. Every time there is an enforced strike people shut up shop but half the time we don't know why people are protesting or what for... who cares right, its a day off work! The only people involved are fanatical fringes. It isn't fashionable to care about politics anymore, and why would it be politicians, strikes, government workers, the constitution - its all so ineffectual why waste your time.

There must be a way to get people involved again. It happened in Egypt, in the Middle East and now people are trying it in America. Maybe it is time for the rest of us to take another look at people power and have a think about what we would be willing to take to the streets for? 


  1. The end justyfies the means......

    I don't know I have translate right or not.
    Do you know little bit about German history?

    I m born and life in east Germany.
    About 22 years ago Germany was divited.
    The part of east Germany can't not life in liberty.
    We cant not travel in the world, just in the countrys of eastern parts. And never we can't say about our opinions about this poltics from our government.
    More and more we were dissatisfied with that situation.
    Peoples started to made demonstrations. First few peoples, but more and more peoples got the courage to connected.
    It was really dangeores, because the police and army to tracked the peoples.
    Definatly it was to that time in east Germany not a pleasure as a political prisoner have to go in arrest.
    But we showed power , we had not used some weappens, just our voises, slogans and candles.
    Just we wanted life in liberty and go in the world when ever we had the wish to do that, and to speak about political problems.
    Every monday at the week we went to the demostrations, after some months in the big citys of the GDR we was about 100 000 peoples.
    We got a victory......now we are union Germany since 20 years and I had got the possilibty to travel in the world and specially to nepal. So I had foundet my lovely boyfriend.

    That means.......demonstrations can bring a chances. But really important just in peace.

  2. Having chances is really why most people crave peace! I studied German History in school a little it but i didn't realise it was all so recent. What a scary and exciting time to have lived in.