Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where have all the nice clothes gone?

Picture borrowed from Ponytail... these shoes are on my wishlist.

  Picture borrowed from Ponytail... i have a thing for big black boots, this pair I love.

Picture borrowed from Tenzin Kelsang's beautiful lookbook

I have been living out of a suitcase. When I first packed I put in all my favorite clothes for winter. Four months later it is getting hot. None of my clothes fit properly, they are stained and everything that was white is now a grey or yellow color. 

Getting dressed is the worst part of the day. I can't stand to wear anything I own. I have been living in the same pair of jean and whichever clean(ish) shirt i lay my hands on. When I announced i was going to buy something new my Budda looked so relived that i realised i must have been silently shaming him with my 'relaxed' approach to fashion.

Nepali women are so stylish (well compared to me). They always look so polished and they know how to pick the right colors and shapes for their bodies. There are so many nicely dressed, beautiful women in this country. If you don't believe me check out Ponytail, a Nepali fashion blog by Tenzing. She has the most amazing shoes! Or look at 18 year old Tenzin K's Lookbook... I wish I new how to dress like this.

Here is my problem, Nepal seems to be wear ugly shoes come for a second chance at life. Stores are full of shoes too ugly to be sold anywhere else. Shops in Thamel are full of clothes for cheap for people who are trying to look like they don't care. As my Budda says "it is time to stop dressing like a tourist".

I am baffled how a city full of women can look so good when the clothes they have to choose from are so bad. Nepali women, WHERE ARE YOU GETTING YOUR CLOTHES FROM? Are there secret stores where they keep all the good stuff? Please tell me!


  1. haha. hilarious piece. i still prefer the i-don't-care-how-i-look type of look though. :P

  2. I like to pretend I am going for the i-don't-care-look but honestly i'd love to look polished... even if just for one day!

  3. Amanda'
    polished/? I think I know where you can get that.. ;)
    Lets shop together! ;)
    and yea.. tenzing.. and the other tenzin kelsang... ahah...I know both of 'em! dang! lol
    P.S - another interesting post amanda!

  4. You will love my next post, sharing everything I know. Your brooding shopping days are long gone amanda.

  5. aww..amanda thank you for mentioning me on your blog.very knid of you.:)
    i'll be following you..

  6. I was asking myself the same. Every (rare) time I found something that looked ok, the stitching exploded while trying it on. I'm not that big, actually...