Friday, April 1, 2011

Nepal Tattoo Convention - artists, tatts and love

Last week I did a story on the Nepal Tattoo Convention in Kathmandu. It is running as part of Digital Om’s Mountain Madness in April. I am really bummed that i won't be able to attend (not that my wedding isn't more important but I’ve wanted to get a tattoo in Nepal for a long time).

I headed off to Pokhara to have a look at Anand’s Tattoo and Piercing because I had heard from a few people that the guys has some skills and that he is willing to work with you to design something cool. I am a terrible drawer and my visualisation skills are a little lacking  so i was glad when he told me he likes to work with people to design their tattoos together. I am thinking about something small like four of these across my ribs:

I am not sure where i found this image. If i stole it from you please let me know so i can link to you.

I was a bit nervous to go to a tattoo parlor. I don't know anything about tattooing. i had this horrible feeling i was going to make an idiot of myself by asking something stupid. i was not expecting to get a lesson in love. We were chatting away, it was a pretty standard interview... how long have you been tattooing, how did you get started, what are you favorite things to tattoo? No Pulitzer  prize coming for me I promise you.

But then Anand starts talking about his wife and how she helps in the shop. He told me about how they met when she was still in school and they married young. "When I was 21 i suddenly thought shit i am married. i stopped acting like a kid then. I have a family and they need me," he said. The guy was so genuine and honest that it made question some things. A week later I am still thinking about it.

Anand and his wife, in their shop in Pokhara

Anyway, if your in Pokhara and looking for a tattoo you should go see Anand. He does great colors and his shading work isn't too shabby either. If you can't get down to Pokhara he will be in KTM for the convention. Anand has already taken a number of session bookings for the convention but he has spots left. To book a tattoo with Anand’s Tattoo and Piercing contact them on 9846036018 or email


Tattoo pictures borrowed from Anand’s Tattoo and Piercing

Dates: 22-24 April 2011
Venue: Yak and Yeti, Bagh Bazaar, Kathmandu

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