Friday, April 15, 2011

Baby Blues

I remembered my sister's baby as a small bundle of crying, smelly nappies. She was cute but she was still in that stage where all she did was cry and poop. When my sister said she was bringing her baby to my wedding I was thrilled. I thought now Mero Budda will see how hard it is to look after children. I thought maybe this will put him off for a year or two.

My family arrived a few days ago. Rather than of the deterrent i hoped for my sister has a cute, laughing, crawling, bundle of sunshine that makes ever the crankiest didi beam like a 100watt bulb (the old kind not those new enviro bulbs, those are rubbish). People approach us in the street and ask if they can take a picture with her. Every where we go people want to hold her! I don't even like kids much and i like her (a little bit).

Mero Budda is crazy about kids. He has gone into super babysitter overdrive. He ALWAYS wants to hold her and he has asked a few times if the baby can come stay with us. He got her a dress. He wanders up the street parading her to anyone who stops. He talks baby-talk to her and sings songs for hours. When she isn't there he talks about our children.

Not only am I trying to prevent him from stealing my sister's baby and raising her as our own, I actually have to compete for his attention... and i am losing badly. I don't think it is hilarious when he clicks at me. I don't clap my hands when he shakes the house keys in front of my face and he doesn't find it adorable when i get food all over my clothes.

Instead of convincing Mero Budda he isn't ready for kids she has completely amped up his desire for children BUT totally shut mine off. If we have children I will never get any attention!


  1. Well, to keep it positive a lot of women would be jealous that your man is 'ready' for children.

    But,maybe he's just in an overdrive now and the exhaustion will still come later....

  2. You're all set for when the time comes then.

  3. I sent you an email. Wondering if you got it or not?? nice posts by the way! hope to hear from you soon!

  4. HAH. Two things:
    1) My sister doesn't want kids because she doesn't want to have to fight for attention.
    2)I'm not fond of kids... but I don't understand why my dislike of not-yet-adults warrants dirty looks as if I've failed at being a woman because I'm not putting my uterus and womb to IMMEDIATE use.

    My advice to you: hold off as long as you can, because once you're host to a fetus, there's no going back...ever.... (or tell your Budda that HE can have his body taken over for 9 months!)

  5. My friend S is similar. When his sister had a baby I had no idea he would be so good with the him! My friend wound up being the family babysitter 3 days a week as a grad student while his sister was at work. It was very cute. Now he and his wife are pregnant, and I look forward to being their new little guy's American aunty in November ;)