Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rule of Thirds

I have been doing a photography class at Sattya Media Collective. Our teacher is Carolin Weinkopf. She has a beautiful style but my lens (and skill level) is not good enough to emulate it properly. I need a new lens with a lower aperture in order to get that blurred depth of field she uses.

The workshop is an introductory class but i think it might still be too advanced for me. I am so confused how to get the right aperture and shutter speed combination.

Yesterday we worked on composition which i really enjoyed. We discussed the rule of thirds. Apparently all good photographs can be split into a grid of three. I see how it works. I agree with the concept. None of my photos fit the rule! I guess this is why they are OK, not great. I will work on it.


  1. Some of these fit the rule of the third, well all of them except the first and the third.
    I took "intro to photography" in school number of years ago. I remember having to use the "gray card" to get the correct exposure (right combo of aperture and shutter speed???) But then, we were not even using digital cameras at the time, so I'm probably way outdated.

  2. Well, I will tell you a secret. I had to crop these to get them to fit into the rule.

    Hmmm gray card? Nope I wasn't given one of those. maybe thats why I can't do it?