Monday, May 16, 2011

Nice to hear...

I recently did a photography workshop with Carolin Weinkopf. Before then I had no idea about things like f. and shutter speed. I am not claiming to know a whole lot now but it was a great workshop and I learnt a lot of things. A few times since then I even tried shooting in manual. The results are pretty mixed but I feel like I have more of an idea what makes a good photo.

I missed the last day of the workshop as I had to come to Pokhara to get my mendi done for the wedding. The other day when I was on facebook one of the guys from the class messaged me and told me Carolin had used one of my photos in the slide show of the best work.

I didn’t actually take this during the class and it was taken on auto but it is nice to know she still liked it. Here are some more i took at Shivaratri. Forgive me if i posted these before, things are a bit hetic at the moment.


  1. Like them all, but particularly the black and white one. Nearly enough to make me give up taking photographs. I can't keep up with the skill you girls all show with the camera.

  2. Thanks dad but i did a lot of editing on the computer and i only show the good ones. No one sees the 1000 that went in the bin to get 5 good ones!

  3. Hi Amanda, happy you enjoyed the workshop. It's not about auto, or manual, it's just that have to know what you want to get. The photo up there is truly amazing, because the guy pops, he's wearing color, he's not looking at you, he's natural, all his limbs are on the picture, and foremost, he's interesting.

    I think you were one of the true talents of the workshop - so keep on going and don't be so afraid of it! x

  4. Thanks :) I really did enjoy the workshop. I wish i was living somewhere that i could take another one of your classes. You made it very easy to understand things which had been confusing me for months.

    Wow. I bet you say that to all your students! I will keep working on it.