Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maybe i'll go to a show: Albatross do Australia

So let's lighten the mood a little bit... I have been wanting to see Albatross for ages. I heard a lot about them when I was in Nepal but i just never got around to dragging myself out into the cold dark streets of KTM when there was a gig on.

I guess fate has stepped in. Now that i am stuck here in Oz it seems Albatross have decided to do an Aussie tour. They are playing in Melbourne on June 17 at Ho-Fi (which my sister tells me is a pretty cool venue). I think if i can wrangle some tickets and a cheap air flight i might go. I am feeling home sick and Nepali music and crowd might help.

If your not sure who Albatross are, below are the only two videos i could find of them:

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  1. It's one of my favorite Nepali bands because they have something 'rock'ish. I love Timi Bhane, it's one of their older songs (you should check it out on youtube)