Thursday, June 9, 2011

My new obsession : Activism

An anti-torture Avaaz ad in a Washington, DC metro station.AFP. Borrowed from

I have a new addiction and it is a little bit strange. I am completely obsessed with websites like Getup! and I will bookmark any site where i can sign a petition, read an article on injustice, find stats on the terrible things we are doing to the world, but most of all i LOVE sites where i can take affirmative action with very little effort (because when it come down to it I am incredibly lazy).

I love the site. There are so many interesting campaigns going on all around the world. If there is a petition to stop something I will sign it. I will send emails to politicians to free people from jail. I will post things on my facebook. I am a good cause whore!

Today I joined a campaign to stop the South African Secrecy Bill and protect South African Democracy and freedoms and I supported the movement to free Amina Arraf. Yesterday I posted on facebook about a blood drive in Kathmandu, among other things. And I did this all from the comfort of my warm home.

It could be worse, I could be addicted to internet porn but i wonder what this says about me that i will spend all day reading about a blogger who was kidnapped in Serbia but i am too lazy to go and join a rally to support carbon tax in Australia.

I need to find something to do. I really need a job.

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  1. This made me smile after a hard day at work.
    Enjoy not having a job while you can. E-activism beats porn by a long shot!!