Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Waiting, waiting, waiting

Long distance relationships are really unnatural. They are split up into times of intense activity and periods of heart breaking waiting. There is no way to have an easy slow progression. If you think it might work you just have to jump in or spend half your time apart. Other than the first few weeks when we met, it feels like we have never had time to just kick back and enjoy each other. 

We had to wait five months to see each other,
then there was the mad rush to organise a wedding in four months,
then the waiting for my family to get here,
then the visa craziness,
then the waiting for the visa processing,
then the dash to India to do the visa forms,
then the waiting for our Australia visa to be processed,
then when it didn't work out there was waiting for my Nepali visa,

Now i am waiting for the day of my flight... I can't take this waiting/hectic cycle anymore. Fingers crossed we get all our paperwork sorted and we can just spend a few month together catching up on sleep.

So this is my way of saying I'll be back in Nepal in a few days but things could be too crazy for me to post for a week or two.

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