Wednesday, September 28, 2011

looking for a job in KTM?

I never seem to be in the right place at the right time.

I looked for a job in Nepal and nothing came up. There were vague offers of teaching or office work but it never panned out. To be honest i didn't really want to spend my time filing or or standing in front of a class repeating A is for apple.  I want to do some kind of work I can be passionate about, something that has a purpose, rather then just a pay check.

Eventually the money ran out and i had to come home. The day i arrive back i see this job advertised. Sattya is one of the few organisations in Nepal I wouldn't have issues working for. They have a great mission, a motivated (if somewhat intimidating) director, and the most important and rarest quality is that they are legit. It isn't just some cover for trying to make a buck.

I'm not saying they'd give me the job even if i'd been in Nepal but its so annoying that I only ever seem to find things i really want to be involved in when it is not an option. If you are reading this from Nepal and your into media and mentoring you should check out the job... in my opinion its the best job going this year in Kathmandu.

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