Friday, September 30, 2011

some curious kids.

The thing i like about photographing children is that in 15 minutes you can get such a range of emotions. Fear, disinterest, amusement, curiosity. It is so much better than photographing adults who only want to look sexy. 

And maybe someone can tell me why don't Nepali adults smile in photographs?  Everyone is smiling and happy and you pull out a camera and everything goes ridged and serious? It isn't like i am imposing on people who don't want their photo taken. Older Nepalis will call out to me in the street like a bunch on excited school children "one photo, one photo" then they pose with a scowl. When i say smile they look at me like i'm a crazy person. I am beginning to think every photo i have ever seen from the developing world may just be full of locals refusing to smile rather than truly unhappy people.


  1. amanda' you updated the new blogger layouts?? I too thought to work on it.. but then I chose to live with the old layout! :)
    the pictures are great... i especially loved the second-last picture... see the expression of the kid! so amusing and cute...
    ** thanks to nikon ** :P
    hope you are doing good! :)

  2. I hate to say it but i may have to switch to word press... the layout is driving me nuts. I just can't get things to look the way i want on blogger and wordpress does have a lot of nice options.

    I love my Nikon but i did have a thought Pentax is sooo much cheaper and the body doesn't really matter it is about the lenses. For a beginner Pentax takes professional quality pics but at half the price. Just something to look into (since you asked me the other day).

  3. Your photos are beautiful. Keep them coming! :)