Wednesday, November 2, 2011


When I try to explain to my friends what life in like in Nepal it is pretty much impossible. Coming from somewhere like Australia we have no idea what the real world is like and how the majority of people live. We love to complain about how hard we have things, how work is tough, we don't get paid enough. The truth is most of us just haven't seen enough of the world to realise how good things are at home.

I try to explain that in Nepal around 30% of people live on less than a US$1 a day though stats like this don't mean shit to people who have never tried to survive on or under the poverty line. I always get the response that "things are cheaper there". Yes this is true, but rent for three rooms with no running water, communal bathroom shared with 5 other families and very sporadic electricity is around NR7000 (US$100) a month. Basic wage doesn't even cover the rent, forget about wanting to eat or educate your children or going on holiday or health care.

I get on my friends nerves because i am always banging on about poverty and immigration laws and work rights. I know nobody else cares about these things. I know it is boring and depressing and i am driving you all crazy but FUCK get some perspective. Not being able to afford the latest iphone is not a crisis situation!

I don't know how to explain it in a way that is effective. I watched this doco this morning, as usual it made me cry. I guess most people would say it's about a girl who chose the wrong job. To me it is a reminder that so many of my Nepali friends are applying for this kind of work, it might not be long before someone comes back in a box. I am feeling so frustrated at the moment.


  1. It is really sad to see people who are risking everything to have better life in Nepal. I always try to remind myself how lucky we are to live in developed country where you don’t have to work so hard to get what you want.
    It is human nature to want more but people who don’t know the difference between want and need definitely have to visit one for the third world country and they will have more idea on how lucky they are.

  2. Brutal video. Makes me very depressed to realize the sheer desperation these people faced to agree to work in these conditions. It's also disheartening to see the Nepali government turn the other way and allow manpower companies to continue their work.

  3. @ Kay: I don't understand how people do not burn these places to the ground after their relatives get scammed. The government should do something about it but i guess they have shown us so many times that there is too much bribe money in letting people get hurt!

    @ Nepaliaustralian: Agreed on both points. I tell all my friends to go visit so they can be happy with what they have.

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