Sunday, November 6, 2011

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

I will forgive you for thinking this might be a post about how much i hate Christmas and its commercialized message and materialistic ideals... but it isn't. I LOVE CHRISTMAS. It is the one time of year i can spend all my money and not feel bad about it.

There is a chance i will be home (depends on the answer we get about Mero Budda's visa on Monday). I am really excited to have a Christmas at home with my whole family. This year i am trying to get gifts which are environmentally friendly and not morally reprehensible. I don't want to be the shit hippy sister who turns up on Christmas day with a whole lot of "adopt a highway" certificates, or a picture of some sponsored tree in Botswana, or heaven forbid, a star that has been named in their honor. I want to get things they will like and use.

I have been looking for a gift for my niece and  i actually found way more cute things (most of which i really just want for myself) than she could possibly use. Sadly, I can't get them all so I thought I would share a few here because really the second best thing to buying is 'just looking'.

Toys and Babies
Environmentally friends products for kids is actually the easiest category of gifts to find. There is an abundance of fluffy eco  toys and clothes out there. My favorites are:

These cute booties from Alison's wonderland. Made from certified organic cotton and hand crocheted.

This little guy is a free trade, hand knitted comes from a community based income generating project in Zimbabwe. The project helps to supplement incomes of 200 women. He is made of all natural cotton and comes from ethical gifts.

This one also comes from ethical gifts but helps women in Bangladesh.

These little dolls and pins come from the little traveller shop which is part of an initiative to ease the burden of  HIV/ Aids in Africa. You can read about the women who make these little dolls here at Little Travellers. Or watch this movie:

Is made from 100% organic materials. The fabric is organic cotton, the base is made from natural maize and the latex matters is derived from the sap of the rubber tree. It is hypoallergenic, microbial (doesn't grow mould), free of chemicals and it looks really cute. I found this Seed Organic POD at Eco Toys.

I have a bit of a soft spot for puppets. I love this hand made elephant from earthlink. This one is made by women in an income generation project in Bangladesh. It is crafted from jute and cotton.

Earthtribe have heaps of amazing products for children, especially wooden toys. I admit i love spinning tops, something about them reminds me of being a kid. These ones might be a bit small for babies but there are a range of rattles, blocks, instruments and bath time toys made from sustainable wood sources and chemical free dyes.

Lastly, this isn't really for babies but maybe new mum's would like one... I really want one! This hot water bottle cover  from ZippityDooDah - handmade wonders is made out of recycled felt and materials. And it is environmentally friendly because it encourages people to use a hot water bottle in bed rather that sleeping with an electric blanket or heater on.  Found at ethikl an online eco market place.


  1. awww..
    these are such cute stuffs! :)

  2. I wish i had more kids to buy for. I'd get two of everything!

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